Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Don't you love peripheral vision?

I finally got all the sashing sewn on the scrappy version of my GC/CW quilt tops.  I figured it out and with this setting it's like sewing on the sashing three times instead of one.

I think the blue really brings it all together.  If I had it to do over I would probably sew that arrow in some other fabric but it's done and I'm not going to unpick anything.

As I was sewing the rows together I noticed that my scissors (which I keep in front of my machine at all times) were slowing slipping of the table.  Without a thought I unpinned the butted seam I was sewing over, put the pin in my magnetic holder, and caught the scissors without taking my eyes off the needle or letting up on the foot pedal.

I didn't really think about it till it was over but I must depend on my peripheral vision a lot.  Our body is a magical thing don't you think?



Vivian said...

My toes curled up involuntarily, thinking about those shears dropping towards the floor, points downward. Yikes! Good grab.
Peripheral vision is wonderful. Back in my teaching days, jr. high kids didn't understand how I could see the things they were trying to do, off to my side. Catching somebody "in the act" always prompted a little lesson in peripheral vision.
How old is your Bernina? I bet it's a work horse for you.

Janet O. said...

Beautiful quilt, Robin! That finish has got to feel good. : )
Sounds like you operate like a pro--catching those scissors is probably an instinctive reaction. Yes, peripheral vision is a blessing!

Kathie said...

looks great I love the blue too!
you could always applique another fabric on top of the arrow and the black will just show thru on the sides of the new fabric if it bothers you....
ps amazing what we can do to not stop sewing huh?