Tuesday, April 9, 2013


 This is a block for the Grandmother's Choice I am doing in a scrappy version.
I am calling this quilt "Oyez" because the quilt is to commemorate my Grandmother getting the vote.
I've mentioned before that she was on two census' in 1920
because she stayed behind in Indiana till election day in November.
And then went by train to the wilds of Montana to be married and was counted again there.
OYEZ is pronounced "o-yay" or "o-yez" or "o-yes." It is used three times in succession to introduce the opening of a court of law. The origin of the word Oyez is Middle English, from Anglo-Norman, hear ye, imperative plural of oyer, to hear. from Latin audire

The significance of the bell is that she remained very active in politics
and was a polling judge for years.
She used to go out in the middle of the street and ring the bell pictured above and say;
"Oyez, Oyez, the polls are open".
And then in the evening she would go out again
and ring her bell to announce that the polls had closed.

A few years ago my siblings and I went to visit her two remaining children.  They shared with us some of the family heirlooms and collectibles.  Above is one of the great-aunt's quilts.  I have her name written down somewhere.  It is one of the Lamb sisters, I think.
This quilt was made by Great Great Aunt Mollie Davidson (not one of the Lamb sisters)

This is a utility crazy quilt with the stitches done by machine.

This is Aunt Jesse's doll.  It is only 12" tall. but it is completely dressed in her original outfit.

This is my grandfather's baby bonnet.  He was born in the 1890"s.

And this belongs to Aunt Ann.  It looks well loved, doesn't it?

I need to write the "Oyez" story down for my kids and keep it alive.


Janet O. said...

Great looking bell block, Robin. Thanks for the family story--definitely write it down! I'm a poll worker, too. Have been for almost two decades. We used to go out and announce when the polls were opened and closed, but never with such style. The poll manager I currently serve under doesn't announce it at all. She could take lessons from your Grandmother!
Love the baby bonnet. Can you imagine putting those on baby boys today? I think my sons would never have forgiven me. : )

Heidee said...

Both of the quilts look great! You sure have been busy. Sorry that Wednesday was so short, hope that the travelers are safe. Marlena left right after you, so I started sorting more scraps. I can't seem to leave them alone.