Monday, May 13, 2013

Spring at our house

This is the little "surprise" white bleeding heart that came up volunteer by our front walk.

Here are the Hosta pips peeking up through the ground.

Here is the traditional Bleeding Heart plant.  This plant always reminds me of the little lady that lived across the street when I was growing up.  She would sit on her shaded front porch and crochet in the summer.  She was always welcoming and friendly.

Our two apple trees are in bloom. 
The Jonathan picture is on the top and the Yellow Delicious is beneath it.
The peaches are in bloom.

As is the cherry tree.

My husband planted bulbs all over the yard last fall.
He has chosen some pretty unique varieties.
This above and below is a peony tulip.

We have three Wisteria plants, one lavender, one white, and one pink.  This is the pink one. 
 The white one is actually purple and the purple one isn't blooming so who know what color it will turn out to be.

The air is delightfully perfumed by our 3 lilac bushes. 
 I don't think you can ever have too many lilacs!

Look closely and you can see an apricot.    I had a hard time taking this picture because there was an off again/on again breeze and the leaves were dancing~

The lettuce and Swiss Chard and doing well.
This will be all the vegetables we will be growing this summer.
Off to bigger and better things for a while.


Janet O. said...

Your garden makes me thing of my Dad's yard. Apples, peaches, pears, plums, grapes, etc.
So who will be raising your garden for you?
I still need your address, Robin--don't make me come find you!! (Don't you feel threatened?) : )

Jane in Wales said...

Oh, it's really spring where you are! I agree about the lilacs, and they smell so wonderful too!