Monday, August 5, 2013

A solution to my delimna

I couldn't decide which color of gold looked best in this hand-piecing project so I ended up using these three; a gold plaid, a tan sprigged print, and a cheddar.  The pattern is called "Old Maid's Patience" and I can see why.

The colors in this quilt are not spritely enough for me but the pieces are already cut out so I'll have to liven it up somehow with an alternating block.  The pattern calls for a plain light colored block in between but I think that will be too dull. 

Especially since the quilt I am currently hand quilting has big white spaces to fill. 

This is my interpretation of the Sanderson Star Quilt from the Beamish Collection in England.  It's not a very good picture because the wrinkles make my quilt lines look crooked, they aren't.

I've always wanted a quilt with extra quilting and I think when I'm done with this one I'll have satisfied that desire completely.

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Janet O. said...

I love the colors of your quilt, Robin, even if they don't appear "sprightly enough" for you. : )
That is beautiful quilting--looks like a lot of work!