Friday, September 13, 2013

Found another one!

Isn't this just the prettiest block?  I like to think a quilter definitely lives inside.  Especially since it's not on the side of a barn like most painted blocks are.

It must make her smile whenever she comes home.  We found this on the drive to Neillsville last week.

This barn was also on the drive but alas, the sun's angle left it in the shadow.  I'm going to have to go back on a morning and get a better (and brighter) picture.

If I wasn't out here in Wisconsin to do missionary work I'd sure like to participate in Lori Holt's Quilty Barn Along on her Bee In My Bonnet blog (click on the word Barn to go directly to the tutorial).  I see barns every which way I turn.  I'm going to have to figure out a way to collect the instructions from her blog for later use.

Have a quilty kind of day. . .


Janet O. said...

Wow, that is a fancy barn block.
Can you do screen shots on your computer? That is how I save the instructions for all of the SALs that I want to save and do later--or even the ones I am doing now. If it isn't something you can do, let me know. I am happy to take screen shots for you and send them in emails to you.

Anonymous said...

This block, as well as the red and white one on the small gray barn in an older post, were painted by myself. There are 13 quilt blocks in and around Granton, of which I have painted 11. We are creating a small quilt trail and there will hopefully be more up next year.

Tim and Beth Foemmel said...

We live just East of these quilts, and have put up 2 that we bought. We are hoping to get added to the Granton quilt trail.

Robin said...

Would love to see your quilt blocks. Where did you find them or did you paint them yourself?