Friday, September 6, 2013

what a delight!

We were out in the SW corner of the area and came across this barn right next to the road.  I was going to keep track of the exact location but I neglected to and now I don't remember exactly.  I think it was in Pittsville WI. (Not a very romantic name for a town.)

Notice the detail in the background pieces of the Ohio Star block.  The artists went to a lot of trouble to make it look like real fabric.

And they even autographed it.

We found this little shed in the Granton WI area.  It was an outbuilding behind a small house.

This block is very vivid and calls out to you as you drive by.  It must have been painted quite recently as the color is crisp and clear.

Just some sweet discoveries as we traverse the rural roads of central Wisconsin.



Janet O. said...

How fun to see these, Robin.
It's good to hear from you now and then! : )

Mary Truax said...

Hi Robin. I've visited your blog before, but didn't realize you are in Marshfield. My husband grew up in Mosinee and is on his way there to move his mom to Arizona. I enjoyed seeing the quilt blocks painted on old buildings. Take care.

Karen said...

The quilt block designs are becoming more popular. I always wonder if there is actually a quilter living on that property or is someone just likes the idea.