Monday, October 28, 2013

Piecemakers Quilt Show

I attended the Fall Quilt Show of  the Piecemakers Quilt Guild of Central Wisconsin on Friday.

So I'll share some of the pictures I took.

This quilt was dazzling.  I have seen this made up before (I think it's Millie's Garden by Piece of Cake) but this quilt was just amazing. 

Be sure you take the time to read the quilter's comments below.

This is a picture of her with another dazzling quilt.

The reason I was so amazed by this quilt was because of the hand quilting.

It just takes my breath away that anyone would take the time to make such an heirloom.


This quilt didn't photograph well.  The moths, dragonflies, etc. just seemed to "pop" on the surface of this quilt.

I know we've all seen this Christmas quilt before in advertisements but this is the first time I have seen one in person.  It is so delightful.  It has a lot of 3-D dimension on the blocks.

This was my favorite  block.  The snowmen are puffy.  The colors are so bright.  I neglected to take a picture of the maker's info.

I love the movement and colors in this sweet quilt.

What's not to like about this quilt.  It has stars, it has high-contrast, and it's done it colors I like.

I particularly like the way the border was done.  Very clever and appealing to the eye.

I have to say. . . this was my favorite quilt.  This is the quilt I would have choses to take home with me if that had been and option.

It's just a hst Lemoyne star done in repros but it is so uniform and clean looking.  I love it!

It just proves to me once again that complexity doesn't make things better. 
The simple blocks, done well, are tops in my opinion. (pun intended)~

Hope you enjoyed the show.


Janet O. said...

A very great quilt show, Robin. Thanks! That last quilt is very beautiful, as are all of them. But I can see the appeal of the simple, clean design.
That applique at the top was astounding!

Karen in Breezy Point said...

That was a great show--the hand quilting was amazing. I agree that the simple quilts are still stunning!