Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Two new barn quilt blocks

When I saw my first barn quilt block last summer I thought it was just a "once in a lifetime" thing and was content.  I m just dazzled by the fact that I keep discovering new quilt blocks.

It is such an adventure.  I even have my husband on the outlook.  He finds them before I do.

As you can tell by the barn above we've been having some really foggy days. It's that time or year, you know.

One of the people we visit on a regular basis in Medford gave me some butternuts that last time I was there.  I want to try and dye some fabric with them.  Does anyone have some experience with this that they would like to share?  Is the dye colorfast?

In this book Borderland in Butternut & Blue by Barbara Brackman she talks of the use of butternuts to dye the Confederate Uniforms during the Civil War. This intrigues me, knowing that the gray of the Confederacy was often brown or beige.

Guess that's all for now,


Janet O. said...

How fun to keep finding the barn quilts. I would love to see a real one. Have you read Bonnie's recent post (today) about the barn quilts?
Sorry that I have no experience with the dying process to offer you.

Vivian said...

I'm fortunate to live in a state with barn quilts all over. Some are organized into trails, mapped and overseen by county groups, but others are just put up because someone wanted one. I love every one I see.
Sorry -- no experience with dyeing of any kind. I googled dyeing with butternuts and found a wealth of articles. Hopefully you'll have good luck with it and can tell us how to do it some day :)

Teresa Rawson said...

Don't you LOVE finding these?!? Since I am from the south, I look for them as I drive through Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama and Georgia. Every now and then, I see one in Penn driving east to see in-laws. They always give me such a lift! Teresa :o)