Friday, December 6, 2013

Barn Block artist

I had an anonymous comment on this post  on Barn Blocks in Granton WI.  He said he is the one who painted the block and has done 13 total.  I would love to see them all!

I would love to know his name too so I can give him the credit he deserves.



Janet O. said...

That is pretty cool to have heard from the artist, Robin. I hope you are able to make contact again.

Jay Parker said...


This is the artist again. Since I'm a guy, I have no idea how to make a fabric quilt, but I can paint them on wood! I was introduced to barn quilts through friends in New York who had made one for their barn and, since central Wisconsin had no organized trail of quilts, I thought it would be a good idea to bring to Granton, my home town (though I now live in Minnesota). The red and white quilt you showed is on my parent's property and is called Hearts and Gizzards. The other one, on Hwy K, is on the side of a former cheese factory and is called Parakeet Flower. There are five quilts up within the Granton village limits and eight more scattered around the Granton countryside. Of those 13, I have painted 11. The other two were painted by the folks on those respective properties. The quilt patterns used on businesses in town are tailored to the type of business on which they are hung. Other folks in the area have noted they will be making a quilt, so there should be more appearing next summer. It was fun to find that someone had spotted, photographed and blogged about a few of the Granton quilts!

Jay Parker said...

Whoops, I gave some wrong information. The Parakeet Flower quilt is on Hwy H, not Hwy K, specifically on the corner of Hwy H and Meridian Rd.