I love to Quilt

I just reread this post on the Repro Quilter blog.

I enjoyed reading it again and was reminded that it's okay to love my craft.  I've decided to stop feeling guilty about my stash and just enjoy it.

 I often feel like I need to cull my pattern and book collection.  But, sometimes when I can't do much actual quilting (like right now) I gain so much satisfaction and pleasure by getting the patterns out and renewing the desire to make those special quilts.

As long as I'm making forward progress in my quiltmaking it doesn't matter if I never get around to quilting all my tops.  The joy I gained by sewing them is the important thing to me.

There's a part of me that doesn't want my children to have to figure out what to do with my treasured cloth and sewing when I'm gone.  That's just downright silly and a terrible way to exist (not to mention depressing).

I can hardly wait to get back to my sewing studio, breathe in all the color and clutter, and just delight in the fact that I know how to sew.



Janet O. said…
Fun to read your thoughts, Robin.
My 84 year old mother just gave away all of her fabric. She has decided that the quilt she is currently making will be her last (she has no UFOs--never has). She has decided to devote the rest of her time to family history work. I admire her choices, but I know that is not how I will be at her age. If I can still quilt, I probably will, and I WILL have UFOs, which my daughters have told me they will be happy to inherit. : )
Little Penpen said…
Love it... and thank you for posting... it's amazing how uptight some people get over 'other people's' quilting!!

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