If I could own a quilt store. . .

We were out delivering a vacuum and checking on car monitoring systems in Madison.  Sun Prairie Wisconsin was just 15 min. out of our way so I convinced my good husband to go there so I could go to J. J. Stitches quilt store.  It was mentioned in a Quilt Sampler magazine earlier in the century and I never forgot about it.

I was so thrilled to see everything.  Isn't the quote on the wall great?  The store was just full of the kind of fabric I am drawn to. It is a must for anyone who loves all things CW.

I'm not even sure what was in the back rooms (I think it must be 1930's because they have it on their website) but I was enchanted by the selection and the volume.

Oh wait, one of the rooms was full of wool.

And it couldn't have been more perfect.  When I am home I like to spend Saturday mornings in my sewing studio and I usually have the radio on the classical station. 
It was Saturday and  J. J. Stitches had classical music from NPR playing softly. 

I was in a state of bliss.

These are the treasures I purchased and held in my bag as I skipped out of the store.

Luscious browns, reds, and greens.

Lots and lots of pinks, I love it!

And an assortment of shirtings that I don't already have.
I should have taken pictures of some of the quits in the book History Repeated.  Maybe next post. 
Now if I could just find some of that time that was mentioned on the wall earlier. . . . .
In about 6 months,


Janet O. said…
Oh, Robin, what fun! I have ordered from them over the phone and they have been very nice to work with. I would love to get there someday!
Looks like you made some lovely finds! Classical music in a quilt shop? I should be so lucky! : )
antique quilter said…
OMG its a dream of mine to visit this store, thanks for the pictures, love that saying, its perfect.
love your purchases!
Vivian said…
One of my best friends from college has lived in Sun Prairie WI for many years. She keeps asking me to come and visit. It's not really an impossible trip for me (4-1/2 hrs of driving), and you just shared the incentive to get me there some day. It looks and sounds like the perfect store for me to visit. Thank you!

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