Wisconsin nature and quilts

Unusual cloud formation

Red breasted woodpecker (female - I think)

Early spring in a glade

This is a brand new book.  It is on pre-order here.  I love the color choices and the fresh shading and subjects.  I have admired the Baltimore quilts for years.  This has a flavor of Baltimore that tempts me.

Oh well, four months from now I can spend more time doing things quilty but for now I'll just dream.



Janet O. said…
Some very pretty nature shots, Robin. I especially love the clouds--I guess I love all things in the sky, like rainbows, sunrises, sunsets, and clouds. : )
Oh, that is a beautiful quilt. Looks very ambitious and if you decide to make it when you get home I will cheer you on!!
antique quilter said…
isn't nature just beautiful. love your photos!
interesting book would love to see the whole quilt, will have to check it out
I have an obsession with BA quilts right now!

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