It's me again with more barn photos

This pretty little block was on the front of a residence.

And then the same block was across the highway on the side of the barn.

These pictures were taken East of the Monroe area in Southern Wisconsin.


We saw this group of migrating cranes in front of the  barn above.

Wisconsin is having their biggest quilt event of the year in Madison this week.  It is Quilt Expo.

Wouldn't that be nice to attend?



Vivian said…
I love drives in the countryside where barn quilt blocks add a little extra decoration to the landscape. Thanks for sharing these fun blocks.
Janet O. said…
Always happy to hear from you, Robin, and to see your growing collection of barn (and residence) quilt photos.
Never have seen a Disney barn quilt before.
Love the round barn!
Every now and then we get some cranes visiting the pastures around us--I love to see them.
Can you visit Quilt Expo on "P" day? : )

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