Beauty and the Beast

I finished piecing this quilt top that turned out to be a "Beauty" but it was a "Beast" to make.  I apologize for photographing it next to my pink carpet (alas I've complained enough about that in the past).  Someday it will be replaced.

I didn't have enough border fabric to do mitered corners but I felt like the formal feel of the quilt demanded that treatment.

So I pieced the corners.  Your eye follows the green stripe and doesn't notice the seam lines unless you are looking for them.

I looked all over for sashing, my stash, online, the LQS, and finally back to my stash.  I ended up using an old Judie Rothermel line from about 2002.  As you can see the green in the sashing does not match the green in the border but again. . .  your eye tricks you into thinking it's the same when you view the quilt top as a whole.

I am really glad to be done with this quilt top.  It has been carefully folded and put on a hanger in the back of my quilting closet.  We need some time apart.

My quilt group, Bound Together, is doing a red & white BOM this year.  I got out the 7 yds. I bought a few years back intending to make just such a quilt.  As you can see by the photo above - it bleeds.

I put it in the washer with RETAYNE.  I hope that it will really work and whatever I make won't bleed on the white.  I'm looking forward to making this quilt.  The first block is a 'birds in the air' variation.

The clouds in the sky continue to fascinate me. 

No piecing today, company's coming and I have been doing a general clean-up.  The vacuum keeps overheating and turning itself off. I can't remember how old it is but it must have gotten a lot of use while we were in Wisconsin.  Time for a new one I think?



Janet O. said…
Well, that quilt did turn out to be a beauty. Will you label it now? : )
I understand that you need to put it away for awhile, but it really turned out nicely. Great job on the corners--I hadn't noticed the pieced corners until you pointed it out.
Nice photo of the clouds.
dortha said…
Your quilt turned out lovely. It is a shame you had such a time with it, maybe like birthing a baby time will make you forget the stress. Love the cloud picture.

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