Checking all my possibilities~

Rebecca suggested in my previous post that I use chocolate colored sashing for the blocks.  I grabbed this deep chocolate toile that was on top of my stack.  But, it is too dark and I think and it looks a little Asian.  

So I kept hunting.  

Thanks to Rebecca for the suggestion because if she hadn't given me the idea to use something deep and dark I would still be looking for sashing fabric like the one below.  Beautiful French General fabric but all wrong for this quilt. The Portobello Market line has warm beiges and this fabric is a gray/beige - too cool and just not right.

So with that in mind I started digging into the depths of the stash for something darker.  I found this dark green Chelsea's Boutique by Blackbird Designs and it has possibilities.  It brings out the greens in the border fabric that I was planning on using from this Portobello Market line.

I then found a lighter chocolate in my Jo Morton fabric.  I like it a lot better but I wouldn't cut into Jo Morton fabric on whim and it doesn't go with the border fabric.

Looks like a visit to the local quilt store for some milk chocolate fabric.

But, before I hopped in the van I decided to continue digging for treasure and I came across 2 yds. of this.

It has interesting possibilities.

 It's a bit busy but when I used it as a border fabric too. . .

It took those blocks to a whole new place - don't you think?

I'm pre-shrinking the fabric right now. (and deciding if this is where I want to go with these blocks.)

Maybe a trip to the quilt store is still a good idea to check on all my possibilities.



Janet O. said…
Wow, it is amazing how each different sashing can so totally change the look of the blocks. I will be very curious to see what you finally decide. : )
audrey said…
Ooh! Love that last red choice! I'm sure you'll find something that works best for you though.:)
Jayne Honnold said…
I love that you are being so deliberate in your search for the right sashing fabric. It will mean you are pleased with your finish, and not just glad to be finished. There's a difference, as I'm sure you know. I love seeing your thought process!

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