Getting back into the saddle~

I made my first pie since coming home from Wisconsin.  It smells so good! I had quite a few cooking disasters while I was gone and getting used to the lack of elevation and humidity.

It looks like I haven't quite got my pie making ability back.  I forgot to moisten the edge of the lower crust before I put the top crust on and so the peach yummy-ness boiled over.   It looks a little dark but that is because the crust is 1/2 whole wheat.  I love the combination of whole wheat nutty-ness and peaches.

I've been cutting out a quilt that I bought the supplies for ages ago.  It has been a delight to come home after being gone 18 months and rediscover the projects in the sewing studio.  This used up a complete "Layer Cake" but one of the Moda line called Portobello Market.  The name always reminds me of the Disney movie 'Bedknobs & Broomsticks'.

I usually come late to the band wagon and this was no exception.  I admired Portobello Market for months and then when I finally decided to buy some, the best pieces were gone.  So I finally found a "Layer Cake" and bought some yardage for a border.

I making the pattern below called "Rosettes".  It's by Fig Tree.

I made a few Boo-Boos while cutting and had to sew some strips together to get the right size pieces.  I hate it when I do that.  You'd think that after sewing for 50 years I'd stop making mistakes.

I have started quilting  my "Birds of a Feather" quilt top finally.  There's something about aging a good quilt top till it's "just right" and then putting it on the frames.  There are some things that just can't be rushed....................

AND I went and bought myself this cutest of carts from Ikea.  I saw it about a year ago on a blog and wanted one immediately.  But, since I was in Wisconsin doing missionary work, I just hoped it would still be available when I got home.  AND it was!

What a delightful little thing.  It's so sturdy and what's not to love about the color?  I have it right next to the quilting frames with my thread, needles, scissors, pins, tissues, spray bottle, various markers and rulers etc. etc. etc. right at hand.

I can roll the little cart back in to my sewing studio when the grandkids come so it's out of their way.

It makes me smile,


Janet O. said…
That would be a challenge to switch altitudes with your baking.
Portobello Road--now I won't get that out of my head. One of my youngest's favorite movies! : )
Great little cart! I've never been to IKEA. I think it will be dangerous if I ever get there.

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