It's been a good day

It's been a good day and it started out with progress on the first border of my "Birds of a Feather" quilt.  It's going to be a slow-go with the hand quilting but I love the look and I feel at peace as I stitch.

Also the sun is out today.  That always gives me energy and a positive outlook.

I have cut out all the blocks for the Rosette quilt and put them in sandwich bags so they will be protected from little hands.

I made the first block and found out 2 things.  First of all it is a bit tedious with all the matching points!!  And as I am sewing the squares on the ribbons I have to be careful while pressing so that I don't stretch the newly formed bias seam.

I think I did a bit better by the time I got to the 3rd block above.

With the sun shining I can see the snowcapped mountains across the Salt Lake valley.  There is a bit of a haze but it is still beautiful.

I found 2 new blogs I haven't see before Sew Fresh Quilts and The Constant Quilter today.  Go check them out.

This might seem like an odd thing but I got a new toaster today.  This is the same toaster that we bought for all the missionary apartments while we were in Wisconsin.  It is the cheapest thing you can find at only $15 but it lasts forever.  And most importantly, it produces the best toast ever!!!  It is nicely browned and crisp on BOTH sides and warm and soft in the middle.  I highly recommend it.

I like the idea that some blog writers have started and that is to find a word that you want to use as your goal for the year.  There are many wonderful words out there but I have chosen "Embrace".  It is because I tend to resist unexpected things and people.  I don't like change or interruption.

 But this year I want to embrace new things and find joy in them.  I think I have been limiting myself.  I'm not talking about new things in quilting - I do that all the time.  I'm talking about new ideas, new friends, new places and building up relationships.  I'm talking about accepting things that don't change and being happy about that too.




Janet O. said…
Your quilting looks really good!
I like those blocks, but they do look kind of tricky to get together just right.
Good choice for your word! : )
Kaja said…
My word is breathe! Your blocks are lovely; they will make a very pretty quilt.

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