Just a little grumble~

I'm continuing to work on these Rosette blocks.  I've got 12 made - only four more to go.  A couple of times I have wondered if this WIP (work in progress) was going to become a UFO (unfinished object) because the block is so frustrating to make with all those matched points.  It takes me a whole hour to make just one block.

I'm not in love with the fabric any more either and so I'm just sewing on it to finish it.

It is time to audition sashing fabric.  First I put some of the blocks with the originally purchased sashing fabric.  It looks rather bla-a-a-ah don't you think?

So I thought I'd liven it up a little and put the same blocks on a red & white toile.  It was disappointing.  I really thought I'd like it but I don't.

I'll have to keep on looking or just be satisfied with "blah".

This pattern has been frustrating from the beginning.  The cutting instructions were confusing to me.  It turns out that the sewing method is not my favorite for half-square triangles and flying geese because it isn't very accurate and it wastes fabric as you can see in my little waste basket.

I'd rather take a little extra time cutting triangles for exactness than trimming triangles for the wastebasket.

So, what's a girl to do.

I love my craft.  I love to sew and when one projects has stopped giving me pleasure I usually go on to something else.  Right now that just happens to be the quilt that is on the frame.  It is coming along quite nicely.

But........................I'm not a quitter so I'll finish the last four blocks and put the sashing/borders on before I hang in up in the closet to become a UFO.

Then I'll find a sewing project that will make my heart sing.



Janet O. said…
I've had projects like that, too, Robin. Always a battle whether to keep at it or give it away to someone who loves it.
Love the little doll photo.
Your hand quilting is beautiful!
Rebecca said…
Try those babies on a chocolate brown. Everything goes better with chocolate one way or another.
audrey said…
Patterns that waste fabric really get to me too. They are great looking blocks though so I hope you can find something that gives them that spark you're looking for. Your quilt on the frame is looking fabulous!!

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