new look

It's a new year and time for changes.  I redecorated the little shelf/niche above my kitchen using my little quilts.

From left to right I put my Jo Morton "Yankee Doodle" quilt around a pillow form I had.  In front are two great little wooden blackbirds and a real Robin's nest in a clear bowl to keep it from making a mess. Oh, and the little dots in the star are appliqued circles - not buttons.

Next is Jo Morton's "Scrappiness on the left, "Transferware" hanging, and a QAL ( I think it's from Humble Quilts blog) on the bottom.

In the middle I have three lamps (sure wish there was an outlet up on the shelf - that would be wonderful!) and a little cross stitch picture I made in 1989.

Next is a stack of quilts with Jo Morton's "Eggs and Bacon" on the bottom, and going up from there a little Welsh Quilt Study, Jo Morton's "Pottery Shards", a little quilt by 'This 'n That', and hanging is a basket quilt from another QAL on Temecula Quilt Shop blog.

And finally another Jo Morton quilt (just 1" squares with an embroidered center) and a few items to balance the look.

All the Jo Morton Quilts are from Jo's Little Women Club 11.

Now I need to figure out where to put all the stuff I took down from the shelf.  You can see part of it in this picture.  But at least everything that was on the shelf is now clean. . . that's progress.

Hope you're having a great day,

And a PS from my previous post about recycled batting.

Lest you are feeling sorry for me because I have to re use my batting. . . I counted how many unused bags of batting I have stored and came up with 12.  I have a tendency to buy it up when it's on sale.  But, I thought the recycled batting was perfect for the vest quilt.    That's all~


Janet O. said…
Love your use of little quilts on your shelf! Do you know an electrician who would trade you an outlet for a lap quilt? Just an idea.
My daughter had an outlet put in for a shelf above her stairs and it has really expanded her decorating possibilities there. She had a light switch installed to control whatever she plugs in up there.
Looking good! I had the same thought as Janet O. - bartering a quilt for an outlet!
milainoa said…
Unas labores preciosas te felicito.

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