Recycling batting

Okay. . . you're going to think I'm crazy and this is why.

I made a flannel quilt for my 10 yr. old.  He had worn out the original throw-size flannel quilt and needed a new one.  Since he was a growing boy I decided to make it big ~ really big!!!  I chose Looney Toones flannel but didn't have enough so it was pieced with a blue stripe flannel.

I know you're snoozing with boredom by now but stick with me.  There is a "method to my madness".  My son wouldn't leave the quilt on his bed.  No, no, he would wrap up in it and watch TV and while wrapped up would drag it from the breakfast table to the nethermost parts of the house.  Needless to say, he wore it out but he wore it out in the middle.

He loved this quilt and begged me to fix it.  Any repair I might do would take lots of time and not really look that great so it has set on a shelf in the downstairs closet for years.  And I do mean years.  He is now 24.

Above and below you can see the holes he wore in the middle of the quilt.  "But", says I.  There is still life in this quilt somehow.

So since our return from our mission I have been (adjusting mostly) cleaning out closets and shelves and giving or throwing a lot of unnecessary things away.

I took this quilt down from the closet shelf and determined that I needed to make a decision about repairing or getting rid of this poor quilt.  I wasn't going to put it back.

So I washed it thoroughly.  I cut all the ties off without damaging the itegrity of the top or batting.

I cut around the outside.

And peeled back the top layer.  Hmmmm???  Definitely worn but salvageable.

And, lest you think I'm going to put this inside a Baltimore Album quilt top or something equally as beautiful and valuable. . . . . .

I have other things in mind.

*As a side note, it was a good exercise to pull this quilt apart if for no other reason than to see how my piecing of the batting has held up.  It has not!  I've got to do much more secure hand stitching from now on.

I just happen to have the PERFECT quilt top to sandwich with this batting (after it is pieced and repaired).   You can see it below.

This is a quilt top my ex-DIL and I did as a challenge.  He Aunt Marianne had given her bunches and bunches of fabric and in the boxes we found 11 pre-printed vest panels.  We thought it would be fun and funny if we divided them up and each made a quilt using the panels.  We could add any other fabric we wanted and there was no specific size.

So I found some fabrics to accent the vest panels and got to work.  You can see the front of  vest in the block above.  I was determined to use as much of the vest fabric as I possible could.

The vest panel was made by Daisy Kingdom.  This house block is from the back of the vest.  As you can see I cut up all the scraps into 3" squares and used them as a border for the quilt.

Some close-ups of the other blocks.  

It will become  recycled vest panels with some recycled batting and it will look very festive on the back of my blue couch next Christmas season.  I'd much rather have a recycled quilt than the ball of unusable batting and worn quilt top I had before.  I will probably blind tie it with crochet cotton.
Win - Win

And I have the PERFECT backing material for this quilt . . . More Christmas panels Hee-Hee.

This is the completed scrappy quilt top from my previous post.  I chose the black border instead of the blue one.  It is a variation of the Scrap Tease quilt by Bettie Hammock.

If you've made it this far. . .
Thanks for sticking with me.


Vivian said…
Love the whole post! Good to know that hand stitching batting pieces together might not last. Good to know that if I find pre-printed Christmas vest fabric, it can indeed have a wonderful life. I see you even used the vest how-to instructions as part of the quilt top. I love it!! Well done, well done! I'm sure your son is glad to see that well-loved quilt finally fixed and ready to use.
Janet O. said…
Robin, you are way too clever for me!! That is so incredibly fun the way you incorporated that vest fabric into a cute Christmas quilt with salvaged batting!
Oh, I do like your black border on the scrap quilt. I always think black makes the scraps sing!!

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