The day glides away

Just thought I show some pictures of what I was working on yesterday.  We are doing a red & white BOM in my quilt group so I've cut it out and am intermittently sewing the pieces together (upper right)  The reason I'm not just sewing the 12" block together is because I got side tracked by the little heart quilt on Cheri Payne's blog and would rather work on that.

I'm continuing to hand quilt at the frames.  I have to admit I love working on this quilt.  It brings me so much pleasure.  I wish my hands could handle working on it all day long but between my calloused fingers and the numbing effects of carpel tunnel, I limit quilting time to 2 hrs. a day and I rest on Sunday.

I'm also hand piecing this center star for the "Block in the Spotlight" quilt I mentioned in my last post.  The  blue and gold ombre stripe (Wiscasset by Minnick and Simpson) looks so lovely. . .

Did you know that you can buy Junior Mints in the shape of hearts for Valentine's Day?  YUM!

I saw the shadows lurking on this barn print I have.  It looks rather ominous until you realize what is making the shadows.  Made me smile.

I made bread today for the first time in over 2 yrs.  I didn't try and bake much in Wisconsin other than cookies and banana bread.  I'm having to learn all over.  I obviously didn't let this bread raise enough before I put it in the oven.  I also should probably divide it in 3rds so the slice isn't so large.  It is a 50/50 wheat bread recipe that I haven't made before.  I'll keep on trying because I love a piece of wheat toast with and honey in the mornings.

While the west coast is being hammered by rain and the east coast in being dumped on by snow, we have bright clear skies and beautiful sunshine.  I am trying to enjoy it because I know we're going to pay the price of so little snow this winter.  And that makes me a little nervous.

What are you doing today?


Janet O. said…
Looks like delightful happenings at your house.
Me? Monthly budget, temple trip for Mom's birthday and prep for family dinner tomorrow (food prep and housecleaning).

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