Baraboo and 55 rabbits

Here is a quick peek at my Baraboo quilt.  These colors are just so fun to see as I sew them together.  These are 5 of the colors that will be circles in the quilt.  I have 10 more.

Easter seems to have exploded at my house.  I set out some of the Easter decorations and it looks like I'm in a gift store.  I should make more of an effort  to display things creatively but I probably won't.

My mama rabbit with her seven little baby bunnies.  The ceramic bunny on the left is so adorable, she stands on a penny.

Seven crocheted bunnies in potteryware from Seagrove, North Carolina.  My oldest daughter made these for me last year while we were in Wisconsin.  I had them in the supply room but I didn't display them out for anyone else to see.  So cute. . .

My Roberta doll dressed in a similar Easter dress that I wore in the 1960's.  My hair was short and my mom tried to keep it curled including those dreaded permanents but my straight hair always won out.

This is still a flimsy but I hung it up anyway.  It's too cute to hide away. (Pattern my Jan Patek)

Have you see anything lovelier than this?  My geraniums inside are in full bloom and so is the forsythia outside.  Spring just glows, doesn't it?



Janet O. said…
Your Baraboo blocks have turned out so well!
I still haven't taken down the St. Patrick's Day stuff, and Easter comes right on its heels. I need it to explode at my house.
Your Jan Patek flimsy is so Springy and fun!
Did you just buy those geraniums or have you had them indoors for the winter? But wait, you've been gone. Whatever--they are gorgeous!
I love your little Easter/Spring quilt! It's absolutely precious.
I've given away all my bunny etc figurines but when I had them I used a small decorative picket fence - about 15" square on my dining room table (coffee table would have been good too but we didn't need the DR table so there it went). It made a cute little vignette and corralled a lot of the pieces and avoided the gift shop look. BTW Why does everything look so great in the gift shop and then when you bring it home it's all chachki? Often wondered that. I'm down now to a small ceramic basket that I bought at the super market and it can hold a manageable (hip-wise, that is LOL) amount of candy. Blessed Easter to you and yours.

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