Fast, I'm not!

I finished hand piecing the center for the 'Block in the Spotlight' quilt.  I thought I would just whip it up but it has taken me over a month to hand piece the diamonds and then assemble and applique the hexagon units.  I think it turned out lovely though.  I am using numerous lines by Minick & Simpson.

I have been really nervous about the distortion from all those bias edges, especially the long ones on the center star.  So, I pin basted it to another piece of yardage to stabilize it while I work on the inner border and then sewing on the outside blocks.  I notice a little bit of stretching on the outside gold diamonds.  But it isn't much.

I probably should have starched it but I always think I can get away without going the extra step and so far - so good.

I managed to get 3 more outside blocks done the past two days.  OOPS!  I put the heart block out for the picture and that isn't one of the new ones.

The gold isn't really as bright as it is in this picture.

I made a bowtie border around this block and didn't like it at all.  I had used 3 different backgrounds and it just muddied the whole block up

So I unpicked the red bowties, used the same background as the gold blocks, and replaced all the blue blocks.  The unused blue blocks above will go into the Orphan Block box.  Tisk Tisk*

The pruned apricot branches that I brought in last week eventually bloomed.  They were pink.  I thought apricot blossoms were white.  Who knew?

My sister is doing a major purge at her house.  She is going through everything that has been boxed up for 3 moves.  I'm glad she's finally getting it done, she'll feel better and be able to relax knowing what she has and where it is.

As she is going through boxes she came across two gifts that I made for her years ago.  The first (above) is a crazy quilt style neutral wall hanging with lots of embellishments.  It is adapted from a pattern in one of my first quilting books and still a favorite.  I have made so many things from that book.

It is called "Quick Method Quilts" and is a Leisure Arts hardbound book.  Copyright 1994.

This is a little needlepoint picture of English robins that I made and framed in a grapevine wreath to give the appearance of being inside a next.

We put a puzzle together this week that has been in the back of the closet for a long time.  It was fun and I didn't stick my finger and make it bleed like I do when I'm hand quilting.

This is a clearer picture of the basket quilt that the puzzle was made from.  It is so sweet.  I love the little rosebud vine twisting around each block.  It says on the box that the baskets were woven using velvet ribbon.

Here is the whole puzzle.  The quilt on the lower left is all appliqued wool - amazing.

We are celebrating our 42nd anniversary today.  Whew!  So much has happened in that span of time.
Thanks for checkin' in~


Janet O. said…
Your "block in the spotlight" looks wonderful!
I love your little robins in the wreath. Very nice effect.
That looks like a fun puzzle. Haven't put a puzzle out at home in a long time, but I did help Mom with her annual puzzle at Christmas last year. Hers often involve either quilts or cats--sometimes both. That looks like a good one! : )
audrey said…
What a great centerpiece! Very, very lovely.:)

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