I am feeling a bit saintly. . .

or maybe just smug because I have only purchased 1 yd. of fabric since October.  It feels so good to see some of the stacks of fabric go down.  Perhaps I'll be able to fit everything into my sewing room at the rate I'm going.

And then my sister hired an organizer to help her clear out stuff she doesn't use or need and I received 2 large boxes of fabric.  So, I guess my fabric non-purchases have left room for some of this.

One box contains Christmas fabric, chicken fabric (I really thought I was done with chicken fabric), lots of unmatched FQs, a quilt all cut out and in progress, and even some clown fabric.

The second box is lots of CWs.  It has FQ medlies, 1/2 yd shirtings, pieces over a yard long.  It's all lovely and I'm tickled to have it.

As I rounded the corner I noticed the light dancing in the living room. The little anniversary clock was sending rainbows all around the walls.  There was just a sliver of sunlight peeking between the wall and the curtain but it was enough to make me stop and admire the show.

I'm continuing on with my bird quilt.  It's been 9 wks. now - why is hand quilting so satisfying and frustrating at the same time?  As I got to this block I noticed something amiss.  Can you spot it?

Here let me push up from underneath.  (Hey, How did that camera strap get in the picture?)

How frustrating!  That's all I can say.

I decided to refrain from quilting around the wing and wait till I'm all finished with the rest of the quilting and the quilt is off the frames.  I will unpick my applique, scoot the wing well under the breast of the bird, and re-applique it down.  Then I will quilt around the edges.

I'm just glad I found it now so that a repair can be made and not have it be a worn out spot at some future time.

I've started cutting out a new applique project.  I'm going to call it "Baraboo" because the Circus World Museum is located in Baraboo, Wisconsin and the colors in this quilt remind me of a circus.

Baraboo, Wisconsin

Audrey at Quilty Folk inspired my choices for this new project. (Pictures at a later date)


Janet O. said…
Well, it is a good thing you had the space for those boxes of fabric. Looks like lots of good stuff! : )
Love the light playing off the clock. I hang prisms in a window to get the rainbows around the room (like in Disney's Pollyanna). Love the effect!
Frustrating to find those misses in our stitching, isn't it?
I'd never heard of Baraboo--lovely photo of the place. I look forward to seeing the quilt.

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