Sweet peaceful day

Still plugging along on Birds of a Feather.  You can see the top border in the upper left hand corner so I'm getting closer to being done.  I was looking in my fabric closet for my grandmother's partially crocheted bedspread and I found a box marked bindings which I had forgotten about (because I was gone for 18 mos).  Inside was the binding I had set aside for this quilt.  I love it when things like this happen.  I didn't even have to go hunting for it!

I've decided I don't do things fast any more.  My mother used to accuse me of working in low gear.

The Baraboo quilt is coming together.  I've been seeing a lot of circle quilts in blog land the last few months and I decided to join the throng.  Go here and here from Audrey at Quilty Folk Blog and here  from Kathy's Quilts blog to see some of them. I bought the dotted stripe years ago not knowing what I would do with it but loving it all the same.  I purchased fabrics that pick up all the colors of the stripe and gleefully squirreled them away.

A week ago Saturday I was creating quilts in my subconscious when "Eureka"! I figured out what to do with my preciously purchased treasure.  I'm making it 7 X 8 which makes 56 circles I need to hand applique.  I've cut out all the blocks and machine basted the circles to the backing.  I finished 6 blocks so far.  It's so pretty. I'm not sure what will come next, a border, some more piecing, the binding. . . ?  I'll just play as I go along.

See the empty space behind this pile of neutrals?  It used to be occupied by a rather large bag of neutral scraps and cast offs.  I decided I was tired of the bag using up the space and I wanted to cut out 5" squares for a future Nickel quilt project.

So, I sorted through the bag (which is now empty) and pressed the pieces so I can continue cutting.  I'm cutting 5" squares, 3" squares (for 2 1/2" HSTs) and strips for a future string quilt.  If it doesn't fit in one of those categories it's going in the trash.

Here is my small stack of neutrals.  It will be bigger very soon and it feels so good to have that scrap monster bag out of my closet.

This is what I woke up to this morning along the Wasatch Front.  It was delightful.

The good looking fellow in the background is Grandpa.

We went to Sam's with my daughter and kids.  They talked me into a box of ice cream sandwiches.  It was a small price to pay to insure that the two yahoos below would stick close by.

The sky continued to dazzle through out the day.

The apricot tree is in bloom just like the sky.

Guess I'll go do some handwork.  It's almost time for dinner but we didn't eat lunch till 2:00 so neither one of us are very hungry..


audrey said…
So fun that you're joining in with the circle fun! I don't think I'm done yet.:)
Janet O. said…
Your hand quilting continues to inspire me, Robin!
Those circle blocks I can get a glimpse of are very pretty. Nice use of the dotted stripe.
I think you are smart to get your scraps organized. I stall at the "ironing" stage!
Gorgeous sunrise, and cloud photos.
No blooming trees in my yard yet, but we are getting close--way too early!

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