after sleeping on it. . .

I've decided not to use the striped border on the Baraboo quilt from the last post.  It was just too much orange.  The stripe also took your eye away from the center of the quilt to the border.  It's a shame, I have 3 yds. of that great striped  fabric left over.

I've auditioned reds, aquas, and neutrals without finding anything satisfactory.  I considered doing applique with all the bright fabics  in vines and leaves.  That sounds like a lot of work and all it would do is draw your eye away from the circles again.  That's not my goal.

I kept on searching and I found a Faye Burgos fabric by Marcus that has "potential".  I have  6 yds. of it so I think I could us it for the border and the backing if I choose to.

Decisions, decisions. . .


Janet O. said…
From here that border fabric looks like a great choice--compliments the blocks without overpowering them. You could combine the border fabric and striped fabric for the back, if you needed to.
Gayle said…
Yep, I like that one a lot!
Heidee Lindsey said…
wow have you been busy! i just love the bright colors. cant wait to see it in person.

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