Baraboo blocks done

Turquoise block at the top left is leaning on a table leg.

I finished appliqueing the circles on Saturday but didn't finish completing the blocks till today.  I placed them on the floor in a corner of the basement so I can study the color placement.  I've already rearranged a few of the blocks since taking this picture.

Here is the completed stack all ready to press.

The fabric at the left is for the border.  It is the same fabric that I used for the cross in the middle of the blocks.  The camera's eye doesn't give that piece of fabric it's true colors.  The orange stripe looks like it has green dots but they are turquoise and aqua.  The stripe also has that melon color of the block next to it.

This shows the colors a little truer but it's still "iffy".  I think I like the stripe crosswise better than lengthwise for a border.  But I also think it needs a little stop border between.  I had a few ideas about how to make a detailed border but when I got the blocks all laid out I decided it didn't need anything drawing the eye away from the calliope of colors in the center.

It's a work in progress so I could change my mind at any time.

I finally figured out how I wanted to quilt the narrow border on my "Tribute to Faith" quilt.  I have half of the top border done.  It's a little time consuming but this quilt has been totally time consuming with double quilting on each seam and filling in the white spaces.  It looks a little crinkly because I had to dampen it to get rid of the marker.  I hope that's not going to be a problem when I do the binding.

 Just a quick picture of some of the snow we got last Wednesday. We got 6 inches!!! This was taken when it had started to melt and some of the clumps have fallen off.

no window

We got new windows throughout the house on Thursday  It was a cool day but no 50 mph wind (like Tuesday) and no snow (like Wednesday).

Wish my windows could stay this clean all year long,  I do  I do.

new window

I have been reading and truly enjoying The American Quilt by Roderick Kiracofe.  Why I didn't know about this book before I can't tell.  It was published in 1993.  It is a delight to read and see all the quilts.

I recognize many of the quilts because they have been used for inspiration by designers I admire.
Like the quilt above could be a Lori Smith pattern. . . or maybe Jan Patek?

And these two quilts definitely have inspired Laurie Simpson of Minnick & Simpson.

Actually I remember this quilt being designed in red, white, and blue for American Patchwork by Laurie Simpson years ago.

Don't you love the fussy cutting of the tri-hexagons?  It's an amazing addition to this quilt.

Today is my DH 64th birthday so for 46 days he will be older than I am - ha!


audrey said…
Love your Baraboo blocks! So clever to use striped fabrics.:) I enjoyed the inspiration pics too!
Janet O. said…
The Baraboo quilt is beautiful. You have made good use of the striped fabric!
New windows--very cool! Wish we were doing that. We have some pretty sorry-looking ones!
My lilacs are not blooming yet. I hope they have survived some of the recent nights below freezing!
Your hand quilting is lovely, Robin!

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