I am all stitched out!

I had forgotten how long it takes to complete the quilt after finishing the actual quilting.

I haven't finished a quilt for about two years.  I did piece two quilt tops and quilted another while we were on our mission but I didn't actually finish any of them.

There are five finishes in a quilt (if it will be hung on a wall).
1. The applique and piecing finish.
2.  The quilting finish.
3.  The binding finish.
4.  The label finish.
and finally. . .
5.  The hanging sleeve finish.  GASP!!!

I guess there are really six finishes if you count the cutting out.

This project seems to be taking a long time.  I know part of it is because it is such a pretty quilt and I am anxious to see it done.

The other part is I AM AS SLOW AS PUDDING!!!


PS Hopefully tomorrow I can post about a complete and absolute finish with a picture.


Janet O. said…
I can't wait to see the absolute finish! Such a wonderful milestone to reach! : )

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