Just the right piece

I have wanted to make this Nickel quilt ever since the 1st book came out.  My quilt group had a nickel exchange years ago and I squirreled away the squares in my little niche.

I've been making hst and 4 patch units for a couple of weeks now and was finally able to start making them into blocks yesterday.  The units go together so fast and it was pure joy putting them together.

The quilt is Sunny Lanes from the first Nickel Quilts book by Pat Speth and Charlene Thode

The second book below has some great patterns too and I even made one - but I still longed to make Sunny Lanes.

 This is the pattern from the second book that I made.

And here is the quilt using a line by Barbara Brackman called "Patterns in History" if I remember right.

But, it didn't satisfy by need - I still wanted to make Sunny Lanes.  You know how you think you've gotten over wanting a pattern, or a specific line of fabric and all of a sudden you see it on pinterest or another fabric will remind you while you're shuffling through looking for something else?

Well, I never quite got rid of the desire to make Sunny Lanes.  I've seen numerous quilts online from this pattern and they're all great and they just increased my desire to make one someday.

The only hitch is that I've been clipping the background pieces from my Baraboo circles and cutting them into 5" squares for Sunny Lanes.  Now, I have other neutral pieces but I want to include these specific ones in the new quilt.  So, I am madly trying to finish the applique on these circles so I can trim the backs off; motivation in it's truest sense.

The things we do to get the exact correct special right piece of fabric for something!!!!



Janet O. said…
No kidding! *LOL*
Sunny Lanes has been on my bucket list for years. I saw one once made in CW fabrics with dark lanes instead of light ones--named Shady Lanes. I really liked that one, too.

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