I keep thinking I don't have anything to show.  But, I sure spend a lot of time stitching so here is what I am working on today.

I'm still quilting the border on this quilt.  It is quite tedious and for some reason my wrist complains a lot so I only stitch for a short time each day.

I love the way it is turning out and am willing to spend whatever time I need to.

Snail's pace here ~~~~~

But it is a comfortable little niche to sew in and it's right in front of the TV.  Now, if they would just put something on that's worth watching.  Getting tired of all the violence and sex.  Give me a show I can watch with my grandchildren.  I watched Alice in Wonderland two days ago while quilting.  It still is the most nonsensical thing ever but it amuses me.

I'm working on the four patches for "Sunny Lanes" the Nickel quilt.  This is just relaxing and fun.

I've started a bow tie quilt.  As you can see it's not very far long.  But, as soon as the Nickel quilt is done I'll plunge into this full-time.  Lots of scraps to try and use up.

I found this elephant pattern from a few years ago.  I still want to make one so it's on my sewing table too.

Have any  of you decided to join Lori Holt in her sew along from her new book Farm Girl Vintage?

I think the blocks on the cover quilt are just so whimsical and cute.  I'm going to join along but I'll use the fabrics from my stash that aren't necessarily the same springy prints as she used.

It's not really a BOM Janet, you could join too in the dark & dirty range.  (Which is what a farm is after all.)

Also, today, I am going to be exchanging blocks in this quilt because there are only two blocks in the whole quilt top with the same black corner squares and I managed to sew them right next to each other.  I didn't think it would matter but I can't leave it alone.  This is the next quilt on the frames to make sure it's done by Halloween.

Sew, that's what I'm doing today.


Janet O. said…
And you think you don't have anything to show?!? My goodness, you have plenty!
The handstitching is coming alone well. I have to say, Robin, I am the slowest! It has been known to take me over two years to get a bed quilt hand quilted. : )
I've seen a few bloggers joining Lori's SAL. Thanks for the permission slip, but I will really have to pass. *LOL*
audrey said…
Love that first sentence. It could totally have been me that said that with the way things are going lately! Little bites. That how it happens.:)

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