Finally on the frames

I finally have my version of Hallowe'en 1904 by Blackbird Designs on the quilting frames.  I had to get my applique project off of the sewing table so I could piece the back.  More on that later.

I spent a good 2 hrs. crawling around the backing smoothing it - spreading out the batting smoothing it - then spreading the top and crawling around pin basting.  Who says quilting ISN'T an aerobic exercise?

This is the backing.  I found it for a steal a few years ago.  It seemed like the perfect backing to use. It's by Thimbleberries.

My oldest daughter in all her silliness - made me this mermaid for Mother's Day.  Isn't she Great?!!

Long purple tresses

Intricate weaving on the body.
 I've named her Merleen.  I knew a sweet young thing when I was a girl with that name although I spelled it differently.  It makes me laugh everytime I look at her.

The applique project I started had pieces all over and so I collected them and basted them into place so they wouldn't get lost before I could sew the backing together.

And here it is all ready for me to start stitching.  I've got to prep 8 more blocks before I start though.  I know myself.  If I finish this block and don't get around to prepping the next one it will become a UFO.  If I prep all the blocks at once (while the enthusiasm is fresh), I can make certain I have enough of each fabric and when I'm ready to stitch I'll just pull the next block and proceed.

cornmeal soaking in water

I've decided to do a "Julie & Julia" sort of thing.  I'm going to call it Robin & Ruby.  I've got my grandmother's Betty Crocker cookbook from the 1940's and I'm going to go through it and make everything I can.  The book is over a half-century old (so am I) and the cooking trends have definitely changed.  I think it will be a fun experiment.  The cookbook like me, does things mostly from scratch.

The first thing I made is something very easy.  I made Polenta (corn meal mush) to use instead of mashed potatoes in a pork dish.  I know this is done a lot in some countries in eastern Europe but I've never tried it.

To be honest, I would rather have mashed potatoes.  But, I poured the excess in a loaf pan and I'm going to slice it, dip it in flour, and fry it tonight to eat with Maple Syrup (from Wisconsin).

I wonder what I'll try next. . .


Janet O. said…
Great backing for your Halloween quilt--and I agree about the exercise thing.
Love the Mermaid!! Purple hair--what's not to love? : )
Great looking applique block. I think I understand what you mean about needing to get it all prepped while you are still enthused. I'm that way with my wool applique projects.
I'll take mashed potatoes, too, please. But I've never had the fried version of Polenta. Do you like that?
audrey said…
Love that applique block! I know what you mean about getting them all prepped together. It's harder to abandon them after that much work is invested! Your little mermaid is just too cute.:)

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