Sauntering into a new project

Here are the fabrics I've selected for the next project.  I pre-washed and pressed them all this morning.  I bought the pinks and teals in "Ye Olde School House in Cedarburg Wisconsin.  It's an amazing store, I just wish I could find them on the internet. I bought the teals at Primitive Gatherings in Menasha Wisconsin.

I am going to make this quilt  - the squares are 28" - big pieces.  It is from the book below.  It calls for 9 1/2" of jumbo rick rack which I am considering.  It also calls for Rit tan dye.  I can't find anywhere what you're supposed to do with the dye.  I guess I need to check the pickledish site for updates. (I did and couldn't find any corrections or explanations etc.)

The gorgeous shrimp pinks etc.
 Nice shot of my cutting mat don't you think?  It ties in with the aquas in the fabrics rather nicely - ha!

The backgrounds, not sure I will use the bottom one.
 I have four fat quarters of the sampler prints from Rhubarb and Ginger by Blackbird Designs.  It is from many years ago but this seems like the perfect quilt to put them in.  It pays to save things~

The teals, kind of an eclectic group but it works for me.
 I think I need to find a few more teals/greens but this will work to give me a start.

The browns for the vases.
 I picked out four browns for the vases.  I'm leaning toward the toile 2nd from the bottom but I don't think I have enough for all 8 vases.  My next choice is the one on the top.  You can't tell from the picture but it has a little blue/green leaf that ties it into the the rest. I don't think that little leaf could compete with my cutting mat in the camera's eye.

I finished the 'Sunny Lanes' quilt top.  I am making it for a man so I tried to tone things down just a little with the dark blue border.  The only problem is this man owns a little dog with white fur that will show up all over the border.  Right now it is covered in threads. . . . . . .

The boxes of fabric that my sister gave to me a few months ago contained two previously started quilts.  This one is so bright and springy.  There is the sample block above and all the pieces are cut out.  She has two borders already cut and she has the backing fabric.  There are only 12 blocks in the little quilt with sashing and pinwheel cornerstones.

I decided I'd just sew this together gradually - when I feel like sitting in front of the sewing machine instead of quilting or appliqueing.  I won't be in any hurry and it will be a nice diversion from the darker colors I'm usually working with.  Today I will draw diagonal lines on the little gold squares so they'll be ready to be made into flying geese units at some point.

Have a fun Friday.


Janet O. said…
A very impressive new project, Robin. Pretty collection of fabrics!
Love your Sunny Lanes top. Do you really think dog hairs on the border is going to bother this man? Maybe he is pickier than most men I know. : )
That is a very fun little project to brighten "no brainer" sewing times.
BTW, I usually dive into or sneak up on new projects. Don't think I have tried sauntering yet. *LOL*

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