Weekly report~

the Burr Oak

I finished basting two more applique blocks.  These blocks are 28 1/2" square so it not only uses big pieces of fabric but it takes a while to get it all prepped.

the Winter Rose
 I also pieced many of the many of the backgrounds.  The one above looks busy but when the other blocks with that sampler background are put together - it won't stand out so much

the 1st block - the Hedge Apple

Here they are spread out on the grass.  The oak leaf is going to be challenging with all those curves in the leaves.  I think I applique it first to get it over with.  I might save the hedge apple till last because it looks so easy with the circles.  It will be my reward for appliqueing the harder pieces.

I also started the cute little quilt called "Farm Vintage". My fabric arrived this week (Pam Kitty Garden) and so I began with the chick.

I don't have the legs or eye embroidered yet.  The sweet yellow fabric has cute little pink birds holding umbrellas.

The red print in this star block has cows in it.  The piece is from my stash but it seemed like a good piece to include in a farm quilt.

Our youngest son is ENGAGED!!!  Here they are at a family gathering last Sunday.

This is another son with his favorite buddy.  That dog is the sweetest gentle feel-good dog ever.

My youngest grandson has the cutest little dirty face in this picture.  Look at the twinkle in his eyes.

It's iris season at out house.  Here's a quick peek of all the different varieties we have.

Ironically, my favorite variety didn't bloom at all this year.  AND, we have about 10 plants.  Inquiring minds wonder. . . . . .

We have had so much rain this month, over 200% of normal in some areas.  Last Sunday when we were traveling to Ogden I took this picture of downtown from the freeway.  There is so much moisture in the air that I couldn't get a clear picture.  Also, if it was clear you could see how GREEN the foothills are.  We're not used to constant rain.  We've had 9 consecutive days of moisture.  The record is 12 - I wonder if we'll make a new record this year.

We also had the driest winter on record.  Mother Nature sure can be fickle.

The rainy days aren't very inspiring.  I just don't have as much ambition and enthusiasm when the sun isn't shining for days on end.  I do sit under my Ott lamp when I quilt so at least I'm getting some exposure.  No S. A. D.  for me.



Debra said…
I love that quilt from the book When the Cold Wind Blows. I made the Frost on the Ferns quilt from that book for my dining room. Looks like we follow a lot of the same blogs. Glad I found yours!
Janet O. said…
My goodness, those applique blocks are gorgeous! Beautiful work!
The farm blocks look cute. How do you find time for it all?
Congrats on the engagement!That is exciting news. : )
You have some lovely iris. In fact I think we have a few of the same varieties. Mine didn't bloom well this year. I just got some new varieties a couple of years ago and was hoping for some profuse blooms.
I have a sis with S.A.D. These days have been hard for her, but personally I have loved it, and I feel guilty loving it because I know how hard it is for her.
Karen said…
Love the Cold Wind blocks. I have three or four of them made.

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