summer's whirlwind

I haven't posted for almost a month.  It's SUMMER you know.

We had a bumper crop of raspberries and they are trying to produce AGAIN.  I'm doing peaches, sewing 8 ties for the wedding reception in 3 wks., and getting the house ready for a temporary move-in.

My siblings and I went through our bachelor uncle's things.  He passed away last summer  and we've finally got around to it.  That's where all the milk glass came from.  It's been distributed so I've got my hutch back.  Still need to go through albums and make some sense of all the boxes of pictures, certificates, deeds, and letters.

I manage to squeeze in some time at the quilt frame each morning and that feels good.  Eventually I'll have something to show.

Wildflowers from Yellowstone

I have all the blocks done for Farm Girl Vintage but ONE.  I decided it needed a pie block and so the design process has set me back.  I'm going to save the sheep block for another quilt I've wanted to make since early in the century.  I've got darling red, green, and blue sheep fabric that's calling to be created and the sheep block is just the ticket.

I've also been saving all the waste triangles and have made two cute blocks from the bigger ones.  I think I'll put the smaller ones in as my cornerstones when I add the sashing and put it all together.  But, that means that I have to trim them down to 1 1/2" square and so it will take some extra time which I don't have right now.

Here is the happy couple wading in Yellowstone last month. I think we're at the fire hole river or something like that.

I went to my quilt group last night.  We were taught some new tricks for applique.  I think I've got it down but there is always something new to learn like finger pressing the pieces before putting them on the background.  It's such a simple thing but it makes a difference.

Happy Quilting (if you have time) or maybe simply Happy Summer.


Janet O. said…
I wish my raspberries had yielded like yours--but the birds have taken most of mine anyway. : (
Sounds like a very busy summer for you. I always heave a sigh of relief when a hard frost ends the gardening season. I love being in my garden, but I can't seem to get anything else done. Know the feeling?

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