When I think of summer. . .

There is a block coming up in the Farm Girl Vintage SAL that is a cute little teapot.  Well, I'm not much into teapots but I'm way into watermelon so I made a watermelon block instead.  It goes great  with the rest of the country blocks.

There was a bit too much white space so I used some of the myriad of waste triangles I've been cutting off from the other blocks, trimmed them down to 1 1/2", and sewed them in two banner-like rows to celebrate the 4th.  I think it turned out great!

That's what I think of when I think of summer; vacations, holidays, fireworks, lots of company, and watermelon (yummy summer fruit basically).

Today we celebrate the freedom of our nation - the United States of America.  Everyone struggles to be free, everyone.

  I'm grateful to those who have sacrificed so much for me and my family so we can enjoy that freedom.

Wave a flag today, enjoy some watermelon.  It goes together - I promise.


Janet O. said…
Cute watermelon block you have created. Yes, I've had some of that cool summer goodness today. : )
Love the mug with the little quilted flags.
Happy 4th, Robin!

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