quilting on hold

Isn't life curious?  We're in the middle (well, close to the end) of wedding preparations and I'm not getting in much stitching time.  Usually when I can't get to the physical act of sitting before my sewing machine or quilt frames I compensate by shopping.  Looking at all the fabric and carrying a bag out of the quilt shop satisfies my need somehow - it's like planning a whole new project.

But, I'm restraining myself this time.  I have not been to a quilt store and I have not made any quilty purchases online.  It does help that I won a give-away at Pam Buda's blog and am expecting a squishy bag of fabric scraps in the mail.  The suspense is part of the fun - don't you think?

I'm doing a "Big Stitch" on my Sunny Lanes quilt at top and above.  The stitches are turning out to be pretty BIG.  I can't seem to find a middle ground between the tiny stitches for regular hand quilting and these huge stitches.  This quilt is a utility quilt so it doesn't need fine stitching and it is quilting up very fast.  (Another plus)

We have our oldest son and family living with us for 1 more week and then the wedding will be over so I'll be able to feel the creative juices flowing if I can just be patient.

I have sneaked down to the sewing room a few times to make a little progress on the bowtie quilt.  I'm not even sure how many squares I have, how big it will be, and what to use for the alternate squares.  Time enough for that next week.

 It's starting to feel like autumn in the mornings.  I've have this little pattern sitting where I can see it often.  Isn't it cute how faux stitches on the black fabric have been used.  Love that stripe.  This is from a previous Quiltmania magazine, probably last fall (2014).

I keep wondering why I am keeping these spools.  As I finish one up I just drop it in this jar.  Makes no sense whatsoever.  Any suggestions or does anyone out there need some spools?

The smokey skies from the fires in the NW

We went to the Draper Temple on Sunday.  The sun was shining brightly but my camera let me take a picture facing directly into it.  Camera's are amazing.  The sunlight was shining through the stained glass windows on the west to the windows on the east.  It looks like a flame inside.

See you next week with needle and thread.


Linda said…
Would Kindergartens like them for the children: sorting, counting, building (like building bricks) or using for printing by dipping the ends into thick paint or rolling over the paper? Or making necklaces?
Janet O. said…
I commend you for being able to stay out of the quilt shops! I do think I am tempted to spend more when stressed.
Love that little pumpkin design. I am about ready for Fall.
Our skies are really bad--couldn't even see the mountains that surround us this morning. Love the shot of the "fire in the Temple"!

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