Making good progress on my Halloween quilt.  I am stitching with 12 wt. Aurifil in orange and black using a big stitch.  It looks like the drawings I see on calendars and puzzles etc.  I really like the homey effect it gives.

This is my secret rose after a rainstorm.  Sweet spicey gentle beauty.

I made 8 ties for my son's upcoming wedding reception. Satin is no fun to sew on and they need a good pressing.  Glad to make a contribution - glad to have them done.

We're getting a new back door.  No this picture isn't sideways.  It's the door on it's side.  I look forward to having direct sunlight in my kitchen but I don't look forward to the installation; open doors, banging about, unhappy husband.  You get the picture.

I've been craving Magic Cookie Bars.  I made them this afternoon combining 2 different recipes.  Here is the original one.  Pretty tasty and well worth my time.

I bottled tomatoes this afternoon and was waiting for the cookie bars  to bake while I was timing the tomatoes in the boiling water bath.  The kitchen was rather warm because I've noticed if I turn on the cooler it takes longer for the water to boil and stay at the right temperature.

Our garden is doing unusual things this year.  Some things are great but many are not.  The hibiscus at the bottom of the back porch stairs is one of the good things.  It is tall and prolific.

Nothing beats a waving flag this time of year.  My husband plays in a small band and they are still participating in  parades each weekend.  It's a patriotic time of year.

I'll end with another view of my Halloween quilt.  It's going to look great on my October bed.

I need to make my dress for my son's wedding.  I'll have to take a picture of how it turns out.  It is a mottled crepe in the color of the year, Marsala.

Anxious to get back to my quilting studio/sewing room.  I have a top all but finished and would love to start something new using some browns and madders.  I want to try to express the complexity of my life right now.  Lots of things going on................. (at least for the next 2 wks.)


Janet O. said…
Love your stitching on the Halloween quilt. That is going to be a great effect.
I'm glad it was you and not me that had to make those ties! They look really nice.
Looks like there is plenty going on in your life, but you seem to be implying that there is much more. I wish you well!

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