A Quiltful post

My bachelor uncle died while we were in Wisconsin last year.  My siblings and I got together in July to go through boxes and boxes of things that he has saved.  You might remember all the milk glass I posted here.  We finally found homes for all of it.

There were two wonderful quilts in amongst all the pictures, certificates, yearbooks, glassware, and WWII medals.  And because I quilt, they were given to me.  Wahoo!!

The first is a Bethlehem Star (I think) on white with a white backing.  The quilting is exquisite!  This was made by my Great Great Aunt Mollie.  Her full name is Mary Narcissa Davidson Emmons born 1854 in North Salem, Indiana and died 1940.

She was quite talented with her needle.  Did I mention the quilting is wonderful?  The quilt is all hand pieced and hand quilted.

I put my hand in the picture to give perspective.  She did such fine work.  I am honored to be the caretaker of this beautiful quilt.

Notice that purple sashing strip

The second quilt is made by my Great Aunt Nelle 1888 - 1961.  She was also from Indiana and lived in North Salem most of her life.  (She also made great pies!!!)

These churn dash blocks are made out of her husbands old work shirts with a few frivolous pieces tossed into the mix.  I recognize that pale blue floral in the block on the left.  It is also in one of her other quilts that I own.

Here is a picture of the other quilt with the same fabric as above.

I also recognize the blue, yellow and white plaid from the other quilt by Aunt Nell.  There is so much charm in each of her quilts.  She didn't really like to sew and made things to be productive during long winter evenings.

The quilt is machine pieced and machine quilted in a grid with white thread.  This quilt has wear.  I hope it's because it got used and not just wear from storage over the years.

I finished all the bow ties for this little quilt top.  I knew I wanted to set the blocks on point so they would actually look like bow ties.  I think I probably should have set them with an alternating solid block but I wasn't sure how big it would be till it was done.  It's a measly 45" X 64".  Not really big enough for any bed but a crib.  I'm auditioning fabrics for the border(s) to give it some extra girth.

I've been going through my stash extensively looking for just the right fabric.  I think I should go through my stash about twice a year just to remind myself of what I actually have.  I was so surprised to see some of the things I have.  I found a bag of leftovers from this quilt that I forgot I even had~
There is enough fabric to make another quilt!

I also found 2 yds. of a wonderful big bright floral from the 60's.  I've got to incorporate that into something.  It's too good to keep hidden in a plastic bin.

Well, I'm off to cut up windfall apples for applesauce, get the bread dough ready for Navajo tacos tonight with 3 of my kids and their kids coming over.

Also the U of U has their first football game tonight with Michigan.  My DH is so excited he can't sit still.  It's so fun to see him like that.  He won't be participating in the activities outside and if Son#1 has his way he'll be inside watching the game too.



Janet O. said…
Wow, you scored big on those quilts your uncle had saved. Each so different, yet treasures in their own way.
It is surprising what you find when you dig through your stash after a long while, isn't it?
We have the first USU football game tonight--but not televised. My youngest son just arrived (literally) from NYC to attend a friend's wedding this weekend and they are making the game part of the "bachelor party".
I think I get more excited about watching sports than my DH does. : )
Sounds like fun times at your house tonight!
julieQ said…
Oh the first quilt is exquisite...but the one made from scraps and pieces of shirts just pulls at my heart!! Both are so gorgeous!!

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