I was going to show you what is on the frames but my camera battery is dead and I can't find my charger anywhere.  It is so exasperating!  I remember putting the spare battery in to be charged and plugging the charger in an outlet.  That was two weeks ago and now there is no charger to be found and no spare battery.

 $70 later I have a spare battery and a charger on order.

All I can figure out is that the house guests we had for 3 wks - who have a similar camera - thought it was theirs and it's in a suitcase somewhere.  They said they didn't have it.  But, the gleam in my 3 yr.old grandson's eye is not to be trusted.

The quilt on the frames is my Savery Friendship Star Quilt.  It's been waiting in the queue long enough.

This is an old picture of the top.  I'm quilting it like the original which is just around the stars, the centers, and the block.  I'm doing it in a moderate "Big Stitch".  I love the way the star poufs up from the quilting.

I'll have to show you that "Pouf" when the battery charger gets here.  In the meantime, these pictures will have to do.

I made corn relish for the first time today.  I had some while I was in Wisconsin and it was delightful.  My version isn't sweet enough.  More sugar next time.

I haven't turned on a fan or cooler all day.  It's so nice.


Janet O. said…
Wow, your charger can do a disappearing act. How clever of it--and maddening! : )
I like your quilt. Very pretty!
We have our AC set pretty warm (77*) and it still came on today. But it has been pretty pleasant the past couple of days, hasn't it?

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