Farm Girl Vintage Finish

before borders
I spent all day yesterday finishing the border for these 12" blocks.  I didn't expect to make such a big quilt when I began but it ended up being 82" X 99" with the borders.

I worked on 4 different quilts today.  
1. Framed and prepped an applique for a quilt center.
2. Quilted four blocks on the frames.
3. Cut apart plaid shirts & shorts for Billy"s quilt.
4. Layered and basted 1/2 of the bow tie quilt.

I need to concentrate on one thing at a time.  It gives rise to unwelcome anxiety to jump from 
project to project in the same day.

It was 93 degrees today.  Makes me double check the calendar.  Yes, it really is September 25th.


You have been a woman on a mission! Come to my house and use your energy to motivate me to finish projects
Janet O. said…
What a happy quilt you have there, Robin.
Oh, I often jump from project to project, too. If you figure out how to better focus your attention, let me know! : )

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