Oh, I forgot!

I finished this great quilt last week and forgot to do a post about  it.  It is Hallowe'en 1904 by Blackbird Designs.  The pattern is long out of print

It is just so festive.  It's Halloween, it's autumn, it gets you in the mood without being scary.

I "Big Stitched" it in black and orange thread.  The big stitches are just a little bigger than my regular stitches and I think it turned out to be fabulous!!!

This quilt stays right here - this one's for me.


Barbara said…
I have that exact same bed! We bought it 40 years ago right before we got married. I still love the look of it. It looks fabulous with that beautiful quilt on it.
Sherrill said…
That is BEAUTIFUL!! I fell in love when it first came out and always intended to make it. Hasn't happened yet and probably won't now! Oh well!!
audrey said…
Perfect quilt for this time of year!
OPQuilt said…
I've been looking for a pattern for this, and found your blog. Any chance you'd care to sell me your pattern? I've scoured the web for it and looked for it in my primitive quilt shops in the area, but to no avail. I've also written to Blackbird asking for it and no luck there either, so now I'm trying people who have made the quilt and blogged about it.

I run a blog, too, at www.opquilt.com so you can see I'm a real person, and am also LDS, too! (I saw the picture of the temple on your website, as well as what you wrote on your blog.)

If you think you could help me out with the pattern, either drop me a note either by replying to this email or leave a comment on one of my blog posts, leaving your email and we'll connect. I have PayPal, so could send the money quickly, again, but only if you are interested.

Your quilt is amazing, as is the stitching all over the whole quilt! I'm so in love with this and so determined to make it, that I've been shopping for my orange and black and cream fabrics to put it together.

Thanks so much,

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