Getting it together

Pattern by Jan Patek

I finally remembered to get a picture  of this Country Paths quilt before I send it on it's way.  I'm going to miss it.

This is just a picture of the Baptist Fan quilting using the  by 'Around the Block' ruler by June Taylor that I purchased at Joann's. Sorry it's has so many shadows but that's the only way I could get the quilting to show up.

I've been busy doing genealogy for two days straight.  No quilting - nada!  Found some unusual names in our family tree like Selittie and Verlie.  But, our favorite is Ina Nicely.  Say it out loud  - So Sweet~

I'm trying to finish quilting my Bow Tie quilt and sewing the Birds in the Air quilt.  I just found out last night that I need to come up with a top (or two-gasp!) for  a project at the church where we will be tying them.

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat............


Family research is such fun--there are still family mysteries and people I am waiting for them to tell me their story

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