Hallowe'en 2015 is over and gone~

The quilty part of this post is toward the end so scroll down if you don't want to see the silly Halloween photos.

Yeah, that's my oldest son, the Sumo wrestler.    Not very convincing is he?

Here are the trick or treaters that  visited, ran around wildly in a sugar rush, left crumbs or wrappers everywhere, and gave a lot of hugs.  Notice Frankenstein (with a green face) in Cruella's arms.  He slept through the whole trick or treating experience.  In case you don't recognize the two in the back it's Ellie and Carl from Disney's movie "UP".

It's time to put all orange and black decorations in the Hallowe'en box and store them on the shelves downstairs.  No more creepy laugh from Dracula or guarding breakable items from little fingers.

Hallowe'en 1904 quilt is off my bed and the other wall hangings are off the walls and ready for their 11 month hibernation.  It seems kind of sad to only use something for a few weeks but each year when I get them out again it feels fresh and new and I am excited to see them again.

I don't have much for Thanksgiving and in a way it's cleansing to have the walls and some spaces bare for a little while before the Christmas embellishment in earnest begins.

This is the quilt I am currently working on.  It is made from the shirts of my recently deceased nephew.  It is coming along pretty fast but my desire is languishing so not much is getting done.  I need to perk myself up somehow.

I'd rather be doing this.  Sleigh Bells by Jan Patek

I went to the store yesterday to buy some blacks for the background on the big blocks of Sleigh Bells.  I'm always out of black because I buy it for a specific project and then use it all up.

But Bonnie Hunter is starting her new mystery on November 27th and she has just posted the intro.  Black in one of the colors that is necessary.  I would really like to participate this year.  So I will squirrel away the leftovers from cutting the black applique backgrounds and transfer them to the next mystery stash.

I had so much fun when I made "Roll, Roll, Cotton Boll" a few years ago.  I haven't been in a position to join the mystery since then.  You know how there is often something more important than quilting that demands your attention.  If you're like me you squeeze in time to quilt anyway.

Second from the right has silver metallic on it - it's pretty.

Gray is also a recommended color.  These are the only pieces of gray I have in my whole stash.  It just isn't a priority color.

I'm not really sure where this came from?  It's not marked on the border either so it's a mystery fabric for a mystery SAL.  
 This is the one I am leaning toward because it is a big piece and the mystery instructions recommend using the same fabric throughout.  It's also kind of funky and I like that. But, I'm wondering if it is too busy.  I'll have to think about it because one of the things I like about these mysteries is that you can use fabrics you already have including small scraps.  It's a way to use things up.  In spite of my lack of gray, I'm not going to go out and buy more just for this mystery, called "Allietare" (say it with an Italian accent).

I have plenty of gold and red for the mystery.  Those two colors will not be a problem.

I bought a column  pillar print by Andover yesterday.   It is so pretty.  I've wanted a column pillar print for a long time but they are hard to find.  The lady at the cutting table asked me what I was going to do with it.  I could tell she was NOT enamored with it.

I told her, "I'm just going to hang on to it till I find the right project."  And you know the right project will pop up.  I've seen old quilts that use column fabric as a border, as the center, as alternating blocks, in broderie perse, and even just cut up and used in the patchwork.  So it has a lot of potential

I noticed Blackbird Designs is coming out with a new line this month.  It is called Hyde Park.

Isn't it pretty?  You know you want some.   Actually I'm wanting one of the lilac colored pieces.  I always like a new line from Blackbird Designs or Jan Patek.  They just happen to know the words to my quilting song.


Janet O. said…
Looks like your family is a lot of fun on Halloween! : )
I am just gathering up the Halloween stuff this morning, and trying to decide how much of the Thanksgiving stuff I want to put out.
Though I love a quilt made from plaid shirts, I can see why Sleigh Bells would be calling to you.
If you have a column print you are now in possession of the most sought oafter print in the Stars in a Time Warp! (At least from what I observed.)
I saw Jan Pateks newest line at a LQS last week and was very tempted. I only came home with one 1/4 yard cut. Wasn't I good? *LOL*

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