Whew - tedious alert!

It has been almost a month since I last posted.  What have I been doing?  Here are a few things that have kept me busy

I was doing a puzzle today with the quilt top above.  I unpicked two blocks and replaced them with the two alternating pink and red blocks.  It looks much better.  I can finally relax.  More on that at the end of the post.

My DH and I love puzzles and so when I found this one entitled 'The Quilt Room' it seemed perfect.  The artist Kim Jacobs (who I love) isn't really a quilter or things would look a lot different in this room.  Well, at least, I would paint  a quilt room much differently.  The cat sitting on the frames (gasp!)- wouldn't happen here.  It has nothing to do with cat hair, it that the weight of the cat would make the quilt sag. It just wasn't as much fun as I'd hoped. It won't go into the puzzle closet to be done again someday.  It's moving out.

There's been some delightful sunrises.  It's like a gift for getting up early.

I've been working madly on this bow tie quilt.  So I haven't been idle.  It's all hand quilted and finally ready to be mailed for Christmas.

DH and I went to Utah State to hear our son play in the symphony.  They played a Sibelius piece. It was rather quirky and strident at times. I expected the usual Sleigh Ride and Silent Night.  Maybe next time~

I made grape jam one afternoon.  Our concord grapes were picked in early November.  We have had such nice weather that the few clusters that weren't ripe then have had plenty of time to ripen.  The house smelled heavenly.

We went to a great antique store called Capital City Antiques on 9th South & West Temple in SLC.  I found this cookie jar.  We had one just like it in the 70's.  Going antiquing is so nostalgic.

My sister found these Ty stuffed cuties at the grocery store one day.  She collects them for her grandchildren.  The green eyes on the penguin were particularly sparkly (is that a word) but they don't show up in the picture.

I finished all four quilts that are going in the mail this Christmas.  I know I'll be paying a fortune to mail them but it's all worth it.  I'm just glad they are done and I've got my life back.

And so we come to the puzzle of a quilt.  I unpicked two blocks out of my nosegay quilt today.

I've done this process before and it's no fun.  But, I don't think I've replaced 12" blocks before.  IT WAS SO TEDIOUS!  It doesn't help that as I was unpicking, I came to an intersection.  Instead of turning right, I turned left and I was 1/2 way down the block before I realized I was ripping out the WRONG block!!!

The nosegay quilt pattern is from the book Home Sweet Home by Blackbird Designs.

I unpicked the block and then removed the Robin Pandolph green fussy cut cone.

And put it on the block with the alternating pink and red diamonds (petals).  And then tediously sewed them back in to the space I had created.  A lot more unpicking ensued before I was done.

I finally actually like this quilt top.

When I first made it I wasn't pleased.  I took some of the pink blocks out and replaced them with red ones.  I know, I know, I'm a glutton for unpicking punishment.  I didn't like that either so I considered replacing the red setting triangles.

I was frustrated because I was so enraptured by this fabric line when it first came out.  It is called 'Gingham Rose" by 3 Sisters/Moda.  I think it came out in 2003 or something.  I loved the border floral and dreamed about what fabulous top I could make with it.  I finally came across a pattern I wanted to try and. . . . . . . . . . . . . .  it didn't turn out as I had pictured it in my mind.

It got folded up and put in the "Big Top" (that's what I call the closet that hold my 25+ quilt tops waiting for their turn).  That was years ago.

Last year my goal was to hand quilt my 5 Blackbird Designs quilt tops that had been languishing in the Big Top.

I finished these two this year;

Birds of a Feather

Hallowe'en 1904

The Nosegay quilt was next in the queue but the four Christmas quilts got in the way.  Oh, and a quilt from my Nephew's shirts, and the two tied refugee quilts for our ward party.

The Nosegay quilt has been hanging on the quilt frames for months.  I accidentally found 3 partial blocks from it when I was collecting things for an orphan quilt.  And suddenly, I started to like it again.  It looked like it could be used in Christmas decorating - it had a whole new persona.  I spread it out and the rest is history.  The backing is currently being pre-shrunk.  It's going on the frames.  It won't be ready for this Christmas but look out 2016.

And in case you got this far (THANK YOU) and forgot what it looks like, here is another gorgeous picture.



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