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about getting ready everyday that drives me crazy!!!

It has got to be the most mind numbing thing I do all day.

And that is  . . .blow drying my hair.

It's not like I could listen to the radio or stare at the TV because I can't hear anything over the noise of the motor in the dryer.  I can't read a book or a magazine because I would constantly be interrupted by checking where to aim the blower next.

I know I'm being nit-picky but those 2-4 minutes every time I wash my hair literally make me crazy.

Sorry about the rant~

Those of you with differing opinions are the lucky ones.

I finished the blocks for the birds in the air quilt.  I need to come up with another name for this.  It is made out of the shirts of my 22 yr. old nephew who passed away last June.  His mother asked me if I would make a quilt for her.

I cut out 2 1/2" squares for one of the borders.  I accidentally cut out 240 square which was twice as many as I really needed.  I have a habit of doing this …

Getting it together

I finally remembered to get a picture  of this Country Paths quilt before I send it on it's way.  I'm going to miss it.

This is just a picture of the Baptist Fan quilting using the  by 'Around the Block' ruler by June Taylor that I purchased at Joann's. Sorry it's has so many shadows but that's the only way I could get the quilting to show up.

I've been busy doing genealogy for two days straight.  No quilting - nada!  Found some unusual names in our family tree like Selittie and Verlie.  But, our favorite is Ina Nicely.  Say it out loud  - So Sweet~

I'm trying to finish quilting my Bow Tie quilt and sewing the Birds in the Air quilt.  I just found out last night that I need to come up with a top (or two-gasp!) for  a project at the church where we will be tying them.

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat............

Hallowe'en 2015 is over and gone~

The quilty part of this post is toward the end so scroll down if you don't want to see the silly Halloween photos.

Yeah, that's my oldest son, the Sumo wrestler.    Not very convincing is he?

Here are the trick or treaters that  visited, ran around wildly in a sugar rush, left crumbs or wrappers everywhere, and gave a lot of hugs.  Notice Frankenstein (with a green face) in Cruella's arms.  He slept through the whole trick or treating experience.  In case you don't recognize the two in the back it's Ellie and Carl from Disney's movie "UP".

It's time to put all orange and black decorations in the Hallowe'en box and store them on the shelves downstairs.  No more creepy laugh from Dracula or guarding breakable items from little fingers.

Hallowe'en 1904 quilt is off my bed and the other wall hangings are off the walls and ready for their 11 month hibernation.  It seems kind of sad to only use something for a few weeks but each year when I get…