1857 finishes and shortbread

Unique bias black bias for centers

Haven't done the embroidered stems etc. yet

I think I should have chosen a different green for the leaves but  done is good!

Need to add embroidered stems

I don't think I've shown these before.

 I am starting to wane on this project.  I think it's because I'm working with dark hued colors and need a little variety.  I'm not sure I'll do the circles block this month.  It will take some energy to figure out the placement and I don't think I'm up to it.

We will be working 3 days a week for the next 3 weeks because it's corn season at the cannery and I plan on coming home exhausted each day.

Now on to the aroma in my kitchen. . . .

Before baking

There is nothing like a shortbread pan to make me feel like I've made something spectacular

It's cute enough to display without using it for the purpose it was designed.

And here is the final product.  I need to remember to press down more firmly in the corners.  Two of them didn't brown because they were too shallow.  I pressed raw sugar into the dough before it baked so it came out with a double crunch.  I made these to go with the peaches my husband sliced up - YUM!

Our hibiscus at the bottom of the back stairs is rupturing in bloom.  The blossoms only last one day but everyday for the last two weeks has been like this.  It's delightful.

This is Titan, our patio guard tortoise.  He has a smile on his face if you are at the right angle.  He's doing an excellent job.

This is the waterfall my husband has finally had time to build.  He has been collecting the materials for years.
It's right outside the back door and down the steps.  I should have waited to take the picture till there was water running.  Trust me, it's terrific.

And finally, the grand chickens are producing.  It's tiny, it's cute, and it's a good start.


Karen said…
Well done. I was trying to pick a favorite but I like several of them very well.
The blocks look great ; coming along nicely on the ones still needing embroidery. I only did one out of the 4 released for August thus far ( the decanter and goblets ) and decided that while I love red and green quilts I think I need a break from me working with red and green for a bit! :)

I might just 'require' myself to do one or two per month going forward ...versus the 3 and 4 she's releasing.
Janet O. said…
I so admire your ability to do applique. Lovely blocks, Robin!
Oh, you have inspired me on the shortbread. It used to be my go-to cookie, before I was diagnosed with celiac disease. I haven't tried making it since, and I have about 2 dozen pans (mine are the ceramic kind). I used to make it for baby showers, wedding receptions, etc. It is time I gave it a try. I have collected recipes for GF shortbread, but my experiences with GF pie crust have been so disappointing (I admit that I am a pie crust snob) that I haven't ventured on to the shortbread yet. I have a rare day at home and am going to give it a try. : )
Your hibiscus is gorgeous, and I love the look of the little waterfall. How cool is that to have your own just outside your door?

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