Because I didn't have to. . .

Well, I completed the Cross Stitch Christmas stockings (by sewing on the red corduroy on the back, inserting the previously made lining, and putting some faux fur around the top).  It was time to look for the next thing to work on.  I've been wanting to clean my sewing room since January but knew it would take some serious time.  I didn't want to take any time away from the stockings or the quilt in the hoop so I delayed tackling the job until yesterday.

It's always hard shifting from a project that I've been working on for a while and getting the rhythm going for the new project.

I decided to start with the big basket of scraps.  I took a bag off of the top of the pile.  Inside the bag was all the leftovers from a baby quilt I made for one of my grandson's four years ago.  I say one of my grandsons because I got 3 that year.  I took the fabric out and found 22 blocks already made along with some big pieces of the leftover fabric.   "Hmmmmmmm,"  I said to myself.  "There's enough material in here to make another quilt."

So I did just that. . . 

It's a very low value quilt top.  Not my usual high contrast style.

I trimmed down a piece of fabric to 18 1/2" for the center.  I alternated the pinwheel-like blocks with a framed 4-patch made from the squares I had previously made for the border on the other quilt.  I found some trimmings from the back of the original quilt and some of another quilt I made last year for the frames and border.  It measure about 50" square.

It was so fun to spend the morning doing something I didn't have to do.  

Now, I need to get back to the scraps.

And, as for spring, it snowed AGAIN!


Interesting snow design on my outdoor mat,

The snow almost looks fake with the little pellets of frost.

This little fellow looks irritated.


Karen said…
I have trouble going back to projects from the past that aren't finished. Sometimes I have forgotten just what the plan was. Or my technique has changed from the way something was prepped for stitching.

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