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This is what I did all month. . .

It took me a whole month to applique this piece.  It measures 16" X 48".  I didn't work on it every day.  Not Sunday and I usually skipped another day during the week.  But the rest of the days I spent 2 - 4 hrs stitching.  Whew!  Those trees are just something else...................

I decided to name the blocks as I go along.  The one above is the "Masochist"  (The tendency to invite and enjoy misery of any kind) block for obvious reasons.  I like the block I just don't want to ever put myself through that again.

The left side panel is "The Coloring Book" panel because it felt like I was picking out the most beautiful crayon and while staying within the lines, colored it in with fabric.

The bottom panel I just finished was originally named "The Garden of Eden"  because of the two trees.  Then I started on the animals and thought maybe "Old MacDonald" would be a more fitting name.  It was when I was appliqueing the goats horn…

birds, cats, and a cow

I've been working on this panel all week but it doesn't look like I did much.  I finished the purple bird in the upper left hand corner.

I finished the cat and the shrub underneath her.  I worked on these because I needed a break from all the up, down, and around of the blue tree.  But if you look closely you notice on the shrub branches and the cat's tail and feet . . . it was the exact motion of up, down and around that I had been doing all along.  My applique isn't perfect, that's for sure, but I keep improving.

I finished the cow, an udderly tricky accomplishment.

And here is the progress so far.  I still have 2 horses, 3 chickens, a goat, another shrub, and a passel of birds (as well as the rest of the tree.  For those of you who have made this quilt, you'll notice my panel is a mirror image of the original.  I forgot to reverse the pattern when I traced it.  It won't make any difference in the placement of the blocks and design but I'll have to k…

Applique, charm quilt, and fabric in the mail

I've been busy appliqueing again this week.  I finished the gold tree, stitched the pig, a cat, and the bull.  I love the fabric for the bull.  The wings and the tail of a bird are in the upper left hand corner - more birds to follow.

I got started on the other tree.  I figured I'd work a little on it and then do an animal or bird.  Then do a little more.  That way it will feel like I'm getting more accomplished and it will be more interesting.

I' put my charm quilt on the frames finally.  I'm doing a big stitch around each diamond and into the border.  I like the way the border looks.  I'm hoping it will go quickly and I can finish it up by the end of June.  But, the appliqueing time cuts into my quilting time.  Although July's humidity is not far away and I'll welcome the cooler temps of the basement where the quilt frames are.

Now here is the fabric saga.  I ordered some fabric from Country Sampler in Spring Green WI last week.  I mentioned it in my…
I have been contentedly sitting in my settee, radio playing, needle in hand, cool air blowing, working on this rather intricate tree for the last week.  I think I've got the hang of it so it's going a little faster than it was when I started.  I had to force myself to work on it some days because it isn't particularly interesting going up and down - up and down using the same fabric day after day.  But, I knew it would be worth it so I kept plugging along.  It's looking great!

This is the tree on the left side of the lower panel on the Roseville Album quilt.  I would be getting close to celebrating the finish if it wasn't for the fact that I need to do another similar tree on the other side of the panel - gasp!

But, I've decided that's why summer was invented; a cozy niche to sit in and a project in my lap.

Speaking of summer, look what my DH brought in this morning.  Yum!!!

Here he is working hard digging up some plants he no long wants to keep.

The iris&…