Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Pineapple Sampler

 I've been wanting to make a pineapple quilt for a couple of years.  But, I never could come up with an idea or pattern that sang to me.

I got out this applique block that I made in 2020 from Linda Brannock's book "Memories".  It turned out to be too big for the particular quilt I was making it for so it's been sitting in the 'Orphan Box'. 

 And then . . .  I decided to do a Pineapple Sampler quilt.  What do you think?  Perfect, huh?

This block measures 17 1/2" X 12 1/2".  I decided to do all different sizes.

I'm going to do patterns from different designers too.  I have two shelves of books and I've only gone through a few of them. But, there are pineapple patterns everywhere.

I decided  to make a double pineapple block from the pattern by Gay Bommers  of Sentimental Stitches from her Cheddarback SAL.  

And here it is.  I think it turned out kind of cute.
 The pineapple part of the block is 5 1/2" so I cut a 5 1/2" square piece for the top and appliqued the leaves.  I put 1 1/2" borders around the sides and bottom 


And here they are together.  My pictures are rather dark because we've got the 'Atmospheric River' coming down outside.  It's not too bad here but it makes for a gray dreary day.  We'll take the water though,  the ground just sucks it up like a someone stranded in a desert.

I've decided to do a Cheri Payne pineapple next.  This is a picture of the one on the 'Sweet Land of Liberty' quilt.  It very primitive but really interesting.

It's another different size and that will be good in the end - adding variety.

Here is Cheri's foundation pieced pattern.  

I found this next pineapple pattern in the 'Alphabet Soup' book.  Isn't it great?

It's by Tammy Johnson and Avis Shirer .  I like the dark brown background.  Or is it red?

I'm in no hurry to make decisions about the other pineapples.  I'd like to find one by Blackbird Designs but so far the only patterns I've found are very general,  not distinctive of their style.

I wonder about using leaves D and Dr from this pattern in 'Tending the Garden" as a base with a pineapple on top.  Hmmmmmm.   It has possibilities.

It any of you have some pineapple ideas, please let me know.  

                                               Look at that pineapple!  Wish I had this book.

Pineapples are going to welcome in spring around here.  The six weeks since Groundhog's Day expires tomorrow.   But, spring around here is never predictable.  Here's some pictures of last April;

Hope you have a great day with laughter and hugs,



Quilting Babcia said...

Pineapples are a great theme for an entire quilt. I love where yours is going!
Lizzy at Gone to the Beach blog has made some wonderful folk-art pineapple quilts, she may have some sources and ideas for you. If you can create your own pattern from a photograph I can send you a few .jpg images of pages I've found in my sources.

Heidee said...

love this idea of a pineapple quilt! Of course anything pineapple is great in my book!

Janet O. said...

What a wonderful idea for your quilt, gathering pineapples from a variety of sources for an eclectic collection. You have already found a delightful group.
This morning my weather app is showing that next week will be 5 or 6 days in a row of snow. Last night it was only showing a couple of days of rain. I have lost faith in weather forecasts. LOL

terry said...

I have a copy of the Primitive Primer book. I made this quilt at a class in San Diego. We made the quilt over a series of weeks. I'd be happy to send you the instructions for the pineapple block if you'd like. Terry in So. Calif.

Nancy said...

What a fun idea, Robin! I'm looking forward to seeing the variety of pineapples you find to make.
You know, I made that pineapple for Cheri's quilt but I didn't realize it was a paper-piecing pattern. I had a hard time getting my pineapple to look like hers. No wonder! I think the ones you've made so far look great.

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