Friday, November 15, 2013

Who knew?

I wanted to start a new applique block.  I've had a hard time finding the right needles for the project.  I usually use Jeanna Kimball's straw/milliners needles size 10.  But all my applique stuff is back home in Utah.  I didn't want to order the needles online and have to pay postage for such a small item so I searched and searched.

Wisconsin has some wonderful quilt stores but they are in the Milwaukee or Madison areas and I'm smack dap in the middle of the state with only a Hancocks nearby.  I finally bought these Clover needles and thought I'd just make do.

BUT I couldn't get my thread through the little teeny tiny hole of the needle!

I tried 3 different needles and using the same thread I always use. . . I ended up throwing the package in the trash.  We'll go to Wausau next week, we're going to be stopping at Grant's March Quilt Store to see if I can find some decent needles.

We went to Steven's Point last week and surprisingly I found out this is the home of Herrschners.  I've been receiving Herrschners catalogs for years and loved seeing all the cross stitch, needlepoint, yarn, Christmas stockings etc.  Sometimes when money was short the catalog was as close as I got to doing any needlework.

We went inside and had a great time looking around.  They even had quilting fabric (but no milliners needles).  We ended up just buying a couple of puzzles but it was a lot of fun.


Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Two new barn quilt blocks

When I saw my first barn quilt block last summer I thought it was just a "once in a lifetime" thing and was content.  I m just dazzled by the fact that I keep discovering new quilt blocks.

It is such an adventure.  I even have my husband on the outlook.  He finds them before I do.

As you can tell by the barn above we've been having some really foggy days. It's that time or year, you know.

One of the people we visit on a regular basis in Medford gave me some butternuts that last time I was there.  I want to try and dye some fabric with them.  Does anyone have some experience with this that they would like to share?  Is the dye colorfast?

In this book Borderland in Butternut & Blue by Barbara Brackman she talks of the use of butternuts to dye the Confederate Uniforms during the Civil War. This intrigues me, knowing that the gray of the Confederacy was often brown or beige.

Guess that's all for now,